ON + State Government / Cannabis

Over the past few years state legalization of cannabis for use in Medical Marijuana has created a wealth of opportunity and obstacles for entrepreneurs, legislators and law enforcement.

ON has created a specific Token for the benefit of County, City and State representatives all requiring a simple and easy solution to sales tax collection associated to the recently legalized business.

Statewide cannabis growers, processing facilities and local dispensaries can each benefit by transacting their “Seed to Sale” inventory upon the transparent Blockchain ledger associated to the specific Token.

National, State and Local Law-enforcement benefit from having the “Cash off the Street” and instant access to a full-audit of the “Seed to Sale” Barcode tracking system – a feature Integrated into a specific Token.

The cannabis industry has become a multi-billion dollar a year sector and too large to overlook the tremendous financial benefit to State budgets following the national tax reform of 2017.

ON is the obvious solution for safe, reliable, transparent and compliant commerce in this sector.