Real Assets


ON – is real currency – a global decentralize financial ecosystem.

Cryptographic tokens formulate OnCurrency.

The first is OnCoin, an open-market token used by the general public for transactions.

The second is OnDollar, used by investors – backed by US Real Estate Holdings.

The third is OnGold, used by investors – backed by US Gold Bullion.

Real Tokens

Open Network is the issuer of the ON cryptographic tokens. ON manages cash, real estate investments, gold bullion reserves, and provides a direct exit window for token holders who have successfully completed the qualification process.

When you select your ON tokens you take the first step in freeing yourself from the financial system manipulated by the policies of Central Banks and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

OnCoins are easy to access too. Stored in a convenient digital wallet on your smart phone or tablet device. Best of all – no traditional bank account is required.

Real Value

ON is the preferred way to be paid for goods and services including Public Utility companies providing electricity and natural gas. Municipal water services, County, City and State tax collections of sales and property tax may also use ON.

Our greatest value – helping people to discover the Freedom, Growth and Joy that comes from being in the Open Network.

Freedom from archaic monetary policies and exchange rates, Growth from knowledge and appreciating currency values, and Joy from participation within a stable and transparent currency system.

ON – a worldwide Payment System.
The Open Network is referred to as: ON
The OnCurrency Exchange is known as: ONX
The OnCoin is traded under the symbol: ONC
The OnDollar is traded under the symbol: OND
The OnGold is traded under the symbol: ONG

It’s time to get ON.

The popularity of ON – unlike other crypto-currencies, is the tremendous value associated to disruption of statuesque national and multinational monopolies in energy, insurance, finance and their related FIAT currencies.

Purchasing an OnCoin is purchasing a crypto currency, traded online every day with a value associated to the Open Market.

Purchasing an OnDollar is purchasing an asset-backed crypto commodity, traded online every day with a value associated to the US Real Estate Assets of the ecosystem.

Purchasing an OnGold is purchasing an asset-backed crypto commodity, also traded online every day and used a Hedge for investment firms within the crypto currency and commodity sector.